36" AEG MaxiSense Induction Cooktop With Beveled Edges- HK953400FB

SKU : HK953400FB

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  • 3 MaxiSense® induction cooktop zones

    • 3 x 125mm induction zones – 2,300 Watts
    • Power Boost – 3,200 Watts
  • The heat sources on this cooktop are laid out horizontally. Because you can move directly between pans as you cook, the process flows more effectively, especially when preparing complex meals.
  • LED display indicating level of power in use
  • DirekTouch™ controls – The slide-design touch controls on this cooktop provide you with sensitive and instant control over your heat settings. It provides you with the quick reaction time you need to cook the most delicate dishes. To adjust, simply slide your finger to the correct level. Located at the front of the cooktop, you have safe and easy access, giving you total control over your cooking.
  • Induction cooktops are extremely responsive. It will hit the right temperature as soon as the pan touches the zone, and you can adjust the temperature precisely and instantly. High heats are reached quickly and cooling off takes a matter of seconds. What’s more, the cooktop heats the pan – and only the pan making cleaning the surface easy.
  • PowerBoost on all three zones to get you to the boil extremely quickly
  • Our AutoMax function provides fantastic automatic zone control. After you have selected the AutoMax function, it will bring the zone up to the boil and then reduce it to your pre-selected power level for the remainder of the cooking time
  • The adjustable timer (max 99 minutes) gives you full control over the cooking process. It reminds you accurately of the cooking time and can also be used as a minute minder when the zones are not in use.
  • The Stop+Go function on this cooktop gives you even greater control while cooking. When you suddenly need to interrupt your cooking activities, simply activate Stop+Go, and the function will switch all of the active zones to ‘keep warm’. When you are ready, touch the Stop+Go button again and all the zones return to their previous setting.
  • The child safety lock ensures that the cooktop settings cannot be accidentally changed, so you can use the hob safely when children are around. This will lock in the cooking level that has been set.
  • Residual heat indicators to visually indicate when the cooktop is still hot
  • If a cooking zone is left on, the power will automatically switch off after a set period of time.

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